Safe Passions
From Darkness In To The Light 30 x 70 cm

From Darkness In To The Light 30 x 70 cm

When purchasing this poster - all income goes directly to Andreas Fransson's memorial non profit organization "Safe Passions". 

A few words from the artist, Andreas sister, Sandra Fransson:

For me pink was the natural color to use in this art. Andreas liked to make people think and not go the ordinary way. He liked to question the “rules” society has set up on what’s right or wrong. Why have we decided that pink is the color for girls? I want this art to cross all borders of the society and just be art without judging.

The snake has many meanings in different spiritual believes, but in this particular piece it represents my brother’s relationship with snakes. During his last year, he experienced nightmares about serpents crawling up his back and based on these dreams. A fear, but also a curiosity for the animal grew inside of him.

But Andreas was always good at facing his fears and that is what the snake represents. Instead of allowing the fear to limit him, he planned to get a tattoo of a snake crawling up his spine on his back, taking a big bite of the scar that he got from breaking his neck a few years earlier. This snake is a symbol of him overcoming his fears by climbing his way from the snake’s mouth. The spiritual path of yoga helped him find inner peace, which helped him move up the spine towards the beauty of skiing and following his dreams.

The mountain range are inspired by the silhouette of the mountain San Lorenzo, where Andreas and JP Auclair were in an accident and died September 2014. According to South American beliefs, they say that when condors are circling high above the Andes, they help the souls of the dead to go into the light.

When my family and me met with the Auclair’s in the Andes, shortly after Andreas and JP’s passing, two condors came circling over us and it felt like both of them where so present. It was a very special moment for us.

So this ski represents Andreas’ path where he is moving away from fear and darkness, into the light…

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