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Andreas was an amazing son, brother and friend. He loved the mountains more than anything. His passion, humbleness and curiosity for the mountains made him pursue adventures where he pushed the limits and searched for more knowledge.
Safety and awareness was really important to him, as well as not taking any unnecessary risks.


Safe Passions aims to bring awareness of safety in the mountains to youths and young adults. We have started Safe Passions as a non-profit organization in honour of Andreas’ passion for the mountains.

Being out in the mountains is so much more than just being a good skier or climber. You need to know how to handle the weather and conditions in order to make smart decisions.

Andreas was grateful for all the help he received from those more experienced than him when he was first starting out as an alpinist. Andreas talked so many times about how he wanted to give back his knowledge about the mountains, and planned to do so when he completed his training to become a Mountain Guide.

We would love this fund to be a platform where ideas and knowledge can openly be discussed and where the money can help raise awareness for mountain loving youths and young adults.


Safe Passions is a non-profit organization where all funds will go to help increase the awareness and knowledge about safety in the mountains to youth and young adults who do not always have the means or possibilities to acquire this in the extent they would like.
Our objective is to provide a good way for passionate young people to be able to learn about the mountains so that they are able to make good and safe decisions when in them.
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Sandra Fransson
Executive Director/ Chairman

Carola Fransson

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